Course Syllabus

Problem sets

Homework 1: due Jan 30 at 5pm

Homework 2: due Feb 6 at 5pm

Homework 3: due Feb 28 at 5pm

Homework 4: due March 24 at 5pm

Lecture Notes

preamble, guide, and sources

Part 1: Review of thermodynamics (3 lectures)

Part 2: Review of probability (3 lectures)

Part 3: Kinetic theory and the origin of irreversibility (4 lectures)

Part 4: Classical statistical mechanics of non-interacting particles (3 lectures)

Part 5: Quantum statistical mechanics (5ish lectures)

Course surveys

I will periodically post links to google forms that can be used to (anonymously) survey you for feedback (course difficulty, pace, etc.), and would appreciate any feedback you have! The currently active survey is for:

lectures on classical statistical mechanics